The eWorkPlace MN Telework Champions have demonstrated their commitment to making the Twin Cities a cleaner, greener and less congested metropolitan area by providing teleworking opportunities for their employees. Through telework, employees benefit from reduced commuting costs and commuting stress. Employers benefit from improved employee performance and retention. Please join us in congratulating the Telework Champions!

“Minnesota companies have a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of powerful e-learning tools as they explore the benefits of flexible workplaces. We know that telecommuting, when done successfully, brings great benefits to profitability, employee retention, and enhanced quality of life. Congratulations to all who are pioneering this effective approach.” Senator Terri E. Bonoff, Senate District 44, Chair of the Higher Education and Workforce Development Committee.

MnDOT1“Teleworking at MnDOT has provided opportunities for increased lifestyle adaptability to meet both work and life needs; reduced employee absenteeism and stress; and the ability to attract and retain quality workers. It improves the quality of the environment, family, and community by decreasing commuter miles and fuel consumption, and increasing employees’ presence in the communities they live. Finally, it expands MnDOT’s ability to meet business needs by demonstrated increased employee productivity, performance, and customer satisfaction. MnDOT will continue to support telework for employees whose jobs are conducive to working remotely.” Karin Van Dyck, Director of Human Resources.

MinnesotaPollutionControlAgency1MPCA supports telework because of the multiple benefits to us, our employees, and the environment. “Obviously, the environmental benefits of reducing gasoline use and, by extension, improving air quality are important reasons for the MPCA to support teleworking, but our leadership also views it as a way to support our employees’ work/life balance and make us an attractive employer,” according to Cathy Moeger, Director of the MPCA’s Operations Division.


“As a commercial real estate company, we understand better than anyone the importance of location. Teleworking enables employees not only to save money and help the environment, but it showcases Welsh & Colliers’ commitment to its employees and their work/life balance. At Welsh & Colliers, our leadership doesn’t just talk about supporting employees – they practice what they preach, and teleworking is one way they do that.” - Rhonda Allen, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Welsh & Colliers International | Minneapolis-St. Paul

UHGForHeader“We have long embraced flexible scheduling and telecommuting, when feasible and appropriate, as our experience and the data associated with it has proven that telecommuters are very productive, engaged and produce high quality results,” says Rich Hughes, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Human Capital, United Health Group.

“As Minnesota’s third largest private employer with 20,000+ team members, Wells Fargo embraces flexible scheduling and telecommuting when feasible and appropriate within its global and a geographically diverse culture. Today’s workplace is not always a singular office building or campus where employees gather face to face. Modern-day organizations, like Wells Fargo, are composed of telecommuters, workers in traditional offices, home settings or offices spread out across many time zones.” John Hobot, Minnesota Regional Communicator

Turk175by175“We launched our formal telework initiative back in 2010, but we were practicing telework before it was probably even given a name.  We have a number of employees who telework on a daily basis working at least one day from home (a few are 100% remote) to support their well-being and work/life balance.  We also recognize that these telework efforts help the environment and reduce traffic on our roads, but for us, we offer telework as the right thing to do for our employees.  Our employees are grateful for the opportunity to work from home giving them their commute time back in their day to spend with family and be that much more productive.” Michelle Potratz, HR/Benefits Partner, TURCK

GlobalTaxNetwork175by175b“At GTN we offer employees the ability to work from home on a set schedule or as needed when situations arise.  About 25% of our employee population across the country work solely from their home offices.  Of those that work out of office locations, many utilize the ability to work from home in order to retain a greater balance with their home and work lives.” Gretchen Lohmann, Human Resources Manager, GTN Shared Services, LLC


Constellation175by175At Constellation we know being there for family, and having work life balance, are essential to a culture of happy and healthy employees. That’s why Constellation offers telecommuting and other flexible work arrangements, allowing employees to do their jobs where and when they do them best. Nearly half of our staff currently telecommutes (from 14 states) and nearly all enjoy flexible work arrangements. “Both employees and policyholders benefit from this localized model,” according to Christina Spriggle, Director of Human Resources.

Cobb Strecker Dunphy & Zimmermann Inc. is located in downtown Minneapolis. Roger Cornett, Senior Vice President stated in a recent Kare11 interview that of 85 employees,  nearly half of them work from home. “We are on the fringe of the perimeter of the US Bank Stadium and as the Super Bowl is here, we will be able to allow people to work from home and not have to fight through the traffic.”

eWorkPlace MN Telework Champions

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City of Saint Paul
Eureka Recycling
Interactive Retirement Systems
Lutheran Social Services
Tempo Creative Consultants
Behavioral Medical Interventions
Carver County
CSM Properties
Intermediate District 287
Macalester College
MN Department of Administration
Service 800
US Bank
Vesta Valuation
Anoka County
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Catholic Charities
Global Citizens Network - International Student Exchange
Landscape Structures
United Way
Western National Insurance
Augsburg Fortress
Campbell Mithun
City of Minneapolis
Lifetrack Resources
University of Minnesota IT
Wilder Foundation