Telework Toolkit for Employers

We have created the tools you will need to get your organization up and teleworking. From training managers to choosing the right technology to jumpstart the program. It’s ready, available—and free.

eWorkPlace’s Telework Toolkit contains six customizable Microsoft Word documents.

  • Manager’s Guide to Telework - contains facts, questionaires, tips, and processes crucial to establishing a telework program.
  • Telework and Quickstart Advice - contains suggestions for customizing your Telework strategies.
  • Quickstart Telework Agreement - a tool for managers and teleworkers to mutually and quickly determine and agree upon effective telework arrangements.
  • Telework Discussion Application - assists the potential teleworker and supervisor to analyze the various considerations for telework.
  • Telework Implementation Steps - contains a general planning guide for implementing telework.
  • Telework Policy Agreement - contains a guide to develop either company policy or an individual agreement that manager and teleworker both sign.

 Some additional tools

  1. Workflex Assessment – A short assessment offered by Families and Work Institute designed to show how effective and flexible your workplace is compared to others across the nation.

    2. The latest data from the National Workplace Flexibility Study, plus links to manager interviews and employer best practices.