Workplace flexibility and telework initiatives have a habit of being passed around an organization. Whether housed in diversity, benefits or human resources, if this program lands on your plate it can be challenging to know where to begin. In this session you will receive an overview of the what and why of workplace flexibility and telework. This includes creating the business case, developing a strategy and measuring success. Learning points:

• Understanding that flexibility and telework are business strategies, not accommodations
• Building a sustainable flexibility and trelework program
• Integrating flex and telework into your organization’s culture through ongoing measurement and evaluation
• Where to find free resources and information to build a strategic flex and telework program.

Bio: Kathy Kacher is founder of Career/Life Alliance Services dedicated to the development and integration of work-life solutions. A global speaker and presenter, Kathy has developed a variety of work-life tools and trainings which have been deployed within Fortune 500 companies. Kathy is a faculty member at World at Work, facilitates the Work-Life Think Tank in the Twin Cities, and is a partner in the eWorkPlace-MN initiative to help organizations promote telework in an effort to reduce traffic and improve air quality. Most recently Kathy has joined a new team and co-founded The SMART Workplace, a collaboration of practice leaders that teaches organizations, teams and individuals how be agile in a distributed, mobile and flexible workplace.

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