Consulting and training for early enrollees

Need to brief top management? Train managers and staff? Make sure potential teleworkers understand the challenges of remote work as well as the payoffs? The most successful telework programs are ready to handle questions as they arise.

eWorkPlace offers participating employers the services of two of the nation’s top experts in the field:

  • MITE − Midwest Area Telecommuting Education − with 20 years of experience in helping organizations increase their productivity by implementing effective telework strategies.
  • WFC Resources, creators of complete telework e-training courses for managers and staff.

If your organization commits to a certain number of employees who will telework at least one day a week, you’ll get expert assistance for managers and staff from these two organizations − advice, tips and training to ensure that your telework programs succeed. To qualify, employers are required to define their expected levels of commitment and report results.

Briefings, group and individual consulting

MITE is a consulting branch of RESOURCE, a large non-profit agency serving Minnesota with employment, training, mental health and chemical health services.

For the past 20 years, MITE has been helping clients nationwide discover the secret of successful telework programs − improving performance through effective measuring of outcomes such as customer satisfaction, meeting deadlines, and quality communications.

eWorkPlace participants will have the full-range of consulting services of MITE, customized to their needs:

  • Initial assessment to discover which employees are appropriate for remote work
  • Briefing for executives and managers
  • Policy development
  • Group consulting
  • Individual consulting and problem-solving

Web-based courses from WFC Resources

WFC Resources is a Minnesota-based company with 25 years of experience helping employers worldwide implement flexible work arrangements. The company’s e-courses on telework and other kinds of flexible work arrangements are now making a difference for some 50 companies in the U.S., Europe and Asia.

The brand new telework courses feature . . .

  • Content based on 10 core skills every teleworker and manager need
  • Contemporary photos of diverse workforces
  • Streaming videos
  • Interactive exercises
  • Short, frequent tests of learning progress
  • Updated business case examples and corporate success stories
  • A journal to track observations and action items
  • Tips and suggestions for managing and participating in virtual teams


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