The eWorkPlace Commute Tool

The eWorkPlace Commute Tool is a free and secure service, provided by eWorkPlace, which helps commuters in the Twin Cities track their reduction of vehicle miles travelled, their reduction in vehicle emissions and time and money saved by teleworking. Participants will also be able to review their commuting schedule and compare the differences in time, money and emissions saved by traditionally commuting versus teleworking. Employers will also be able to view, in aggregate form only, the time, money and fuel saved by its employees as well as the company’s progress in reducing its carbon footprint through a reduction in emissions produced and vehicle miles travelled by its employees.

The service is FREE to use. It's secure. It's easy. It's fast. Anyone who is currently teleworking or is planning on teleworking can sign up to use this free service. While it is encouraged that a person be affiliated with an eWorkPlace employer, the eWorkPlace Commute Tool is open to any employee wishing to track their telework schedule and other relevant information such as reduction in emissions or fuel saved.

Simply create a personal profile detailing your commuting travel schedule and enter your vehicle information. Once a profile has been created, the user will be given a short survey to collect demographic data which be used in aggregate form to assess who is participating in the program. The survey will be administered three times during the program including when the participant registers, three months from the registration date and nine months from the registration date. The information a user provides will be used only for the eWorkPlace program – it will not be sold or distributed to third party vendors. In addition, the eWorkPlace program will obey and follow all data collection privacy acts outlined by the State of Minnesota. For more information regarding this free, secure and easy service, please follow the link to the eWorkPlace Commute Tool homepage.



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