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Tailor-made for telework

Posted By: Adeel Lari on 11/12/2009

Well, folks, it looks like it is already November. The fall season has gone by quickly and as I write this we are experiencing surprisingly good weather in Minnesota… let’s hope I didn’t jinx it just by saying that.

In the last couple months, we have experienced reason after reason to continue pushing telework here at eWorkPlace… at least if you view things through a “telework lens” the way I do. Any talk of H1N1 or “swine flu” for instance. Or economic troubles. A rainy day. Budgets and deficits. Particularly bad traffic. You get the idea.  

I don’t mean to say that telework can be a one size fits all solution to any problem, but too often it is viewed as a possible benefit to employees rather than as part of the equation to a solution for employees AND employers. While doing one of my regular searches, I found a telework quiz geared towards employees but why don’t I see more of these things geared towards employers?  

We need to change the way we talk about telework. Let’s start now. What are your thoughts?


Adeel Lari, M.B.A., P.E.
Director of Innovative Financing, Research Fellow, and Teleworker
Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs
University of Minnesota


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