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Do companies provide office equipment for teleworkers?

Technology provision differs from one situation to the next. Most employers provide technology for teleworkers. However, some employees are required to provide their own equipment, often because it was the employee's idea to telecommute in the first place. In some instances, teleworkers first use their own equipment, and then the employer may provide more sophisticated technology once the telework has shown that working away from the office is a practical arrangement. In addition, a third option is that employees, particularly full-time teleworkers are provided a full office set-up by the employer. [top^]


Should teleworkers be reimbursed for use of their own office equipment?

Equipment issues are specific to each situation. If a teleworker has agreed to use his/her own equipment for work, the details of equipment use must be worked out before a problem arises. It is uncommon for companies to "reimburse" an employee for equipment use, as work versus personal use is difficult to measure. However, many companies do agree to provide maintenance, back-up equipment and office supplies to teleworkers. Back up equipment is important, especially for employees who frequently work on deadline. [top^]


If an employee lives in one state and teleworks for a company located in another state, which state is designated for tax purposes?

This is a complicated question. The answer varies from state to state. Check to see if there are reciprocity agreements between the two states in which the teleworker lives and works. Also, investigate whether the states have laws regarding employees who seek to move to that state and work in another. To be safe, consult a tax representative or your employer to gain the answer to this question for your specific circumstances. [top^]


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