You are invited to join this eWorkPlace webinar on May 11th at 11:30AM – 12:15PM. To register to this event, please email:

Trello and Base Camp and Slack.. OH MY!! Are you constantly struggling to organize collaboration efforts in your team or your organization? Please join Jeremy Quinby and eWorkplace for a 45 minute webinar to learn how one organization transformed communication and sharing of data through the use of virtual collaboration tools.

Jeremy’s experience specific to the medical field, but the practices he will share do apply to any organization working to improve their virtual collaboration efforts. In this session you will learn:

  • Popular Collaboration Tools
  • Building on the tool you select
  • Plugging in the workflow
  • Are you ready for Bots?

JQuinbyJeremy Quinby


Jeremy Quinby is an integrative health specialist educator with nearly 20 years experience in adult and pediatric care. Educated at St. John’s University and Upledger Institute International, he has built practices in both New York and Minneapolis, developing professional health networks of traditional medical and integrative care in both cities and beyond.

ABabbAaron Babb


Dr. Aaron Babb, MD, is traditionally educated from St. John’s University, Georgetown Medical School and the Mayo Clinic. He has specialized experience in orthopedics, urgent care, and rural community healthcare. He also has a uniquely broad understanding and respect for the non-traditional aspects of the human condition.



Please join eWorkPlace on May 11th at 11:30 for this 45 minute webinar.

To register email: kkacher@clalliance.comconfirming your attendance