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Minnesota’s eWorkPlace is back!

Welcome to eWorkPlace 2015. eWorkPlace is a program to help Twin Cities metro area employers introduce telework and enjoy its benefits. In the past five years, eWorkPlace has proven itself as a smart business strategy that enables employees to work from home, full-or part-time and connect to the office and clients via internet, phone, and mobile devices. More than 40 Twin Cities employers and 4,000 employees have enrolled in eWorkPlace in the past five years. eWorkplace has realized more than a 9 to 1 return on investment, as well as crucial benefits to employers, employees, and their communities.

Now, back by popular demand, eWorkPlace will help more employers with the following FREE resources:

  • Organizational consultation to develop and implement a telework program
  • Training for managers to increase their comfort level with telework
  • Knowledge to choose telework-ready staff members
  • Training for workers to enable them to work from home or other remote locations
  • Information on how to take advantage of today’s improved technology to maintain connectivity
  • Research showing the benefits of telework
  • Measurement of your company’s teleworking efforts
  • Telework guides and implementation materials

Just like many other organizations in the region, reap the rewards of teleworking and workforce flexibility by clicking on the GET STARTED tab to start the process!

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Upcoming Events-

Is Now the Time for Telework & Flextime at Your Organization?

When: Wednesday, July 15, 2015, 12:00 PM (CST) to 1:00 PM (CST)
Where: Online – once registered you will receive a link to the event
With the improvement in the economy, the needs of the future generation of our workforce, and the low unemployment in the Twin Cities, skilled talent is getting harder to find and so is the office space to put them for many organizations. We all know that Telework and Workplace Flexibility have been around for many years, but have you reviewed your organization’s programs lately?

Interested in telework, training, or implementing a telework program at your company?

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Interested in evaluating benefits of telework?

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Access Telework Tools

Tools to help you start a telework program.

Participating Companies Receive Free Tools Including:

  • e-training and/or classroom training for both managers and staff
  • Managers guide
  • Selection guidance
  • Sample Telework Policies
  • Sample Telework Application
  • Sample Teleworker Agreement
  • Telework Implementatation Steps Guide
  • Case Studies and Research
  • News and information about telework

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