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Minnesota’s eWorkPlace is back!

Welcome to eWorkPlace 2015! This state-sponsored program was first introduced in 2009, and in just two years it helped many Twin Cities’ metro-area employers and thousands of employees learn about, introduce and perfect telework.

Now, back by popular demand, eWorkPlace will help more employers with the following FREE resources:

  • Organizational consultation to develop and implement a telework program
  • Train managers to increase their comfort level with telework
  • Choose telework-ready staff members
  • Train workers and enable them to work from home or other remote location
  • Take advantage of today’s improved technology to maintain connectivity
  • Research showing the benefits of telework
  • Measurement of their own teleworking efforts
  • Telework guides and implementation materials

If your organization is ready to reap the rewards of teleworking, then click on the GET STARTED tab to start the process!

A little history . . .

eWorkPlace, a Minnesota program, was first introduced in June, 2009, ending in June, 2011. In those two years, more than 4,200 employees from 48 Minnesota employers participated. And eWorkPlace helped demonstrate that flexible work is a win-win concept.In those two years it was shown to help reduce congestion during peak periods, increase employee productivity and improve voluntary retention. It reduced real estate costs for employers and saved employees time and money while boosting their quality of life. And it reduced greenhouse gas emissions and the need for costly infrastructure investments in our community.

Interested in implementing a telework program at your company?

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eWorkPlace Kickoff – May 4th

eWorkPlace is coming back to Minnesota! Join us on May 4th at Turck USA in Plymouth, MN to learn how eWorkPlace can help your organization with free consulting, training resources, and implementation support.

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Access Telework Tools

Tools to help you start a telework program.

Participating Companies Receive Free Tools Including:

  • e-training and/or classroom training for both managers and staff
  • Managers guide
  • Selection guidance
  • Sample Telework Policies
  • Sample Telework Application
  • Sample Teleworker Agreement
  • Telework Implementatation Steps Guide
  • Case Studies and Research
  • News and information about telework

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